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ENPOR Lunch Talk - Energy Prices Skyrocket in Europe: Will Fit for 55 help the energy poor?
Tuesday, 7th of December 2021, 12:30-13:10 CET

The third Lunch Talk will focus on how the Fit for 55 Package impacts energy poverty – with invited guests Louise Sunderland (Regulatory Assistance Project), Hélène Sibileau (Building Performance Institute Europe), Emmanuelle Causse (International Union of Property Owners), Ina Karova (Energy Agency Plovdiv) and György Sümeghy (Habitat for Humanity International EMEA).

Energy efficient renovation of the exising housing stock is one of the main solutions to reduce energy poverty. While energy efficient housing not only alleviates energy poverty, it also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emmisisons, those who struggle to meet their energy needs often live in insufficiently isolated dwellings with low energy efficiency. In the case of privately rented housing, renovating these homes require to overcome several existing conflicts and problems.

Can Minimum Energy Performance Standards be a solution if landlords find energy performance certificates for buildings problematic?

How can local, regional and national authorities convince landlords to increase energy efficiency of the private rental housing stock?

What elements of the Fit for 55 Package can be of use for authorities to support the housing revolution?

Hear more and discuss with us!

Find out more about the ENPOR Project, aiming to alleviate energy proverty in the private rented sector:


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